Saturday, October 15, 2011

Iolite Vaporizer Review

For this review of the Iolite vaporizer my goal is to provide an in depth and unbiased review of the portable vaporizer by Oglesby and Butler, the Iolite. The Iolite vaporizer I received is a blue unit that is much smaller that it appears in online pictures. The unit easily fits in the palm of the hand and the body is no larger than my smart phone, however it is slightly thicker. This unit is very lightweight and when placed in my pocket I could easily forget that it was there. As far as portability goes, the Iolite vaporizer fits the bill. But how well does it work?

The Iolite vaporizer functions using an internal butane reservoir that is refillable. The Iolite does not require electricity or recharging, when the butane runs out you simply refill it with inexpensive lighter butane that can be purchased just about anywhere. The Iolite is very simple to work with and reaches its working temperature in about two minutes after the unit is turned on.  The Iolite vaporizer automatically heats up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit when turned on which is the ideal vaporizing temperature for this unit. To turn the unit on you flip the switch from the “0” position to the “1”, you will then start to hear the hiss of the butane as it is released from the chamber, then simply hit the ignition button and the unit will start heating automatically.

The only issue one might have with the Iolite vaporizer is that the herb chamber is a little smaller than most. If you are using the unit with one or two people this will not be a problem, however the Iolite is not the best vaporizer for a group of users. Other than that, the Iolite vaporizer does the job easily, effectively and discreetly. You could easily use this vaporizer just about anywhere without causing a scene.

The odor emitted from the Iolite vaporizer is slim and what odor does arise, is gone almost instantly. For portability and ease of use I give the Iolite vaporizer two thumbs up, you will not be disappointed with this vaporizer.

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